Step 1: First contact


  • Would you like to discuss a commission? How wonderful! It is best to get in touch me via this form , in which you can explain your wishes as specifically as possible.


  • I will then ask you to send a handful of clear pictures of the person you wish to have a portrait made of. This is so that I can get a first impression and prepare for the photo shoot.


Step 2: Photo session (not necessary for small portraits)


  • The photo session is an important part of the process. I have my own vision on composition and lighting, which will be characteristic to the end result. For that reason I always make the reference pictures myself.


  • Further details such as location, clothing, hairstyle, etc., will be explained via email.


Step 3: Selecting the photo's


  • After the photo session, I will provide you with edited photos that could be suitable. The final photo is then chosen in consultation between you and me. Please note that the photos are only a starting point and I maintain artistic freedom (within reason).


  • If we agree to proceed with your commission, you are requested half of the total payment upfront.


  • In case we unfortunately are unable to reach an agreement about the photo or other reasons the commission is cancelled. Only the photo session will be charged (€ 50, -).


  • If you order a small portrait I will only need photo's that you provide yourself, given they are of decent quality and free of rights.


Step 4: Finishing


  • Depending on your wishes, it is possible to have the commission framed, in which case a frame will be chosen in consultation.


Step 5: Payment and shipment


  • You previously made an upfront payment of half the price. Now I will ask for the final payment, which includes any shipping and framing costs.


  • The works will of course be carefully packaged and shipped with insurance.


  • Picking up is of course also possible!

No rights can be derived from the above information.